New Born Pricing and Information

• How much does it cost?

New born sessions are $350+tax. This includes the session itself, and an online downloadable gallery of your edited images.

• How long do they take?

New born sessions take as long as needed! I don't put a time limit on them because new born babies don't care about our schedule! They normally take about 1-2 hours but if it's longer then that you won't hear a peep out of me!

• Where do you do them?

I normally go to peoples homes for these sessions! I typically start these sessions walking around your house to find the best light! Most of the time we use the living room, bedroom and nursery! But I have been known to take photos in random offices, sewing rooms or other random places!
Am I the only one who likes to look back at old photos from when I was a kid and see what the house looked like?? It is 100% okay if your house isn't Pinterest worthy! It's yours and its perfect and beautiful!

• What is an online downloadable gallery?

Basically you get an email from me with a link to a gallery page full of your beautiful images! I leave the gallery live forever, so your photos are always safe and accessible.