As a female, I have always struggled with trying to have a positive body image, and especially after having children, to really appreciate all that my body has accomplished. When I booked my session with Shelby, I saw it as an opportunity to do something positive for me, and see myself from a different perspective, so I went in to this session with an open mind. From the very beginning Shelby’s and Heather’s professionalism made me feel comfortable, relaxed, and completely like myself. The session was incredibly laid back and a tonne of fun and I left feeling more confident in myself! It is such a gift to be able to make any female appreciate herself in such an intimate way, and Shelby nailed it! Seeing my incredibly amazing and beautiful photos afterwards just begins to compare to the increased confidence I now have from this. Doing one of these boudoir sessions with Shelby is probably the best body positive experience any female can, (and should!) treat herself to!


Initially, the thought of taking Boudoir photos made me feel very nervous and self conscious. I wasn’t sure what to expect the session to be like, and the thought of getting half naked in front of the camera was scary. But from the moment I arrived and started chatting with Shelby, that nervous feeling began to disappear. I very quickly lost the feeling of discomfort during the first couple shots and then just had fun with Shelby’s creative ideas for poses. The shoot flew by so quickly! Shelby was able to make a situation that could’ve been extremely awkward into a fun, enjoyable, and laid back experience. I was also extremely pleased with the final result – a book that included all of my different poses put together by Shelby, and of course my husband is very pleased with it as well 😉 I would highly recommend getting boudoir photos done with Shelby and am even considering getting more shots done in the future.