Lifestyle Family Session Pricing and Information

• What is a lifestyle family session

Lifestyle sessions are activity based. After years of taking traditional family portraits (and after having a family of my own) I have learned what truly matters in a photograph, and what sets my heart on fire creatively. Yes I will grab a photo of you looking at my camera, but the rest of the session you and your family will be exploring, playing, running, dancing, cuddling. It is a documentation of your life, not a photo you fought with your kids over that cost you millions of gummy worms. They'll get messy, be silly, and you will have a session that perfectly represents your family right now. I can't wait to show you!

• How much does it cost?

Family sessions are $400+tax. This includes the session itself, and an online downloadable gallery of your edited images.

• How long do they take?

These sessions are typically an hour to two hours. I am not a huge stickler on time! If things are progressing and I'm still getting lots of great shots they tend to be a bit longer!

• Where do you do them?

Wherever you want! But I do suggest doing them somewhere that means more to you guys then just a pretty spot! I am happy to help figure this out with you!

• What is an online downloadable gallery?

Basically you get an email from me with a link to a gallery page full of your beautiful images! I leave the gallery live forever, so your photos are always safe and accessible.